The environment can be defined as a space,
in which the organization (company) operates and can influence all parts of the environment (water, soil, air etc.). "

We offer the following services:

  • consulting services in the field of environment,
  • ensuring compliance with regulations in the area of air, water, waste management, chemicals,  packaging, soil, general protection, ecological damage, air conditions etc.
  • providing environmental risk assessment,
  • control of compliance with respect to integrated permission,
  • informing the client about new environmental legislation,
  • processing of all documents (operational rules, emergency plans, etc.) according to the relevant legal requirements,
  • control audits of the current documentation, evaluating compliance with the legal requirements of the environment,
  • consultancy of standard ČSN EN ISO 14 001,
  • providing specialized training (chemicals, accident prevention,
    processing of different registers (chemical register, environmental aspects, register of legal
    and other requirements, waste evidence, etc.).

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