Employer is obliged to create conditions for safe, health environment  that are in compliance with legal hse and other regulations and consistently require and control them."

We offer the following services:

  • consulting services in health, safety, risk prevention and work hygiene,

  • services providing compliance with legal and other requirements, 
  • coordination and investigation of  work accidents and diseases,
  • cooperation in the preparation of records for work injuries of employees with respect to safety legislation,
  • control of all measures required by labor inspections and other governments,
  • informing the client about new important health and occupational health and safety regulations (valid for the company),
  • performing audits of the current documentation - OHSAS management system,
  • we will check that your documentation meets the current legal regulations and regulations,
  • assessment of real-life safety conditions of individual workplaces, machines or work activities including creation of safety instructions and completion of marking and visualization,
  • processing of reports and agenda of accidents at work, in case of any deficiencies in the preparation of the review report, advice on OHSAS 18001,
  • audit of the fulfillment of legal requirements  - assessment of performance,
  • determination of corrective actions - creation and change of categorization of work - evaluation, participation and proposal of categorization on the basis of documented measurements and documentations (external accredited laboratories, institutes),
  • consultation with the regional hygienic department, labour inspection,
  • HSE reporting, including development of analysis, trends and goals,
  • specialization in confined spaces, work at heights, industrial powered vehicles,
  • and many other according your requirements and wishes.


Classification of works

Control audits -  health, safety conditions

Reports, analysis of development

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