Nowadays, fire protection is a very important chapter of  almost every production and also non-production companies. Systematic approach to fire protection ensures the higher level of fire safety."

We offer the following services:

  • documentation  of the category of fire activities,
  • defining a fire protection organization,
  • assessment of fire hazard,
  • draft of fire regulations, fire alarms, defining activities connected with higher fire risk,
  • processing of a fire evacuation plan (text and graphics),
  • processing the order of fire reports,
  • creation of fire fighting documentation (text and graphics),
  • the establishment of a thematic fire plan,
  • conducting documentation for the training of employees and training of preventive fire patrols and fire prevention officers,
  • fire guidelines for the operation of the preventive fire patrols,
  • providing an control of safety labels and recommendations,
  • creation and keeping a fire book, training of employees, managers, preparation of preventive fire patrols,
  • providing training for fire preventives,
  • establishment of preventive fire inspections,
  • providing fire drills and others.

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